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One database, one movement, one goal. Move The Movement is a safe place for us to share our medicinal cannabis experiences so we can learn from and help each other.

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Together We Are Strong.

Move the Movement is a living database of personal experiences.

It’s built on two truths: one person’s voice can have a tremendous impact on someone else’s life, and one of the best ways we can reclaim thousands of years of knowledge about the healing powers of Cannabis is through human connection, from patient to patient.

If you have used Cannabis to treat a health issue, tell us about it using our simple online form. If you want to learn how Cannabis might help you, browse through personal stories.

Move the Movement is a free exchange of information that everyone can contribute to. With sharing and good will we can rediscover the healing power of the people’s plant.

I have had rheumatoid arthritis for over thirty years. It is an autoimmune disease so one can feel good one day and very sick the next day or event the same day.

Why are we doing this?

Simply, to stand up for Cannabis. As a species, we have used Cannabis medicinally for at least 2,000 years. With criminalization, we lost generations of knowledge. There’s nowhere to go to find out what works and what doesn’t. But we can rebuild this database together. By sharing our experiences we create a free exchange of information accessible to anyone. Reading your story may mean someone else doesn’t have to take as many wrong turns along their own journey. Every story shared could be the one that changes someone’s life for the better.

How can you help?

Move the Movement is about building a community that’s willing to stand up for Cannabis. We exist on the goodwill of patients. That means we need everyone to get involved. And yes, there is something you can do.

First, share your story.

Tell others. Know other people helped by Cannabis? Tell them about Move the Movement and encourage them to share their stories.

Don’t stop there. Speak to Budtenders and your friends about the site.

Donate to Move the Movement on our Go Fund Me page - coming soon.

Talk to your doctor and let them know this resource tool exists.

Contact your Member of Parliament, MLA or city Councillors about your experiences and why accessible medical Cannabis is important. Invite them to check out the database.

If you know people in the Cannabis industry, tell them about this community and encourage them to become a financial supporter.

Participate in a Cannabis research.

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