About Move the Movement

Who are we?

Move the Movement is not about the people who built this website. It’s about the community that will use it to share their story and learn from others. Like you we believe in the power of cannabis, of stories, and of community. But when we looked for help with our own health challenges answers were scarce and questions were many: What does Cannabis effectively treat? Could it work for my symptoms? How much should I take? Smoke, vapour, oil, edibles?

We could have used a database of personal experiences to draw knowledge and kinship from. That’s what we want this movement to become: a platform created by patients, for patients, where anyone can come to learn about how others have used medical Cannabis to get healthier.

Funding for the website and administrative costs come from donations from people and businesses who believe in what we’re trying to do. Learn more about becoming a supporter.

Our Mission

At Move The Movement, we hope to advance the acceptance of medical Cannabis to a legitimate, healthy and effective treatment option. By collecting and sharing personal stories about the therapeutic benefits of the plant, we can create a vibrant community that supports and inspires learning.

Please detail your journey so others may learn — the magic is in your story not in your statistics. By testifying to your case history, you’ll be helping all of us learn more about the effectiveness of medicinal Cannabis.

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Please search through our archive of stories that match your own situation. Learn from other people's experiences.