Cannabis is the remedy for anger issues.

Age: 22
Gender: Male
Location: Canada
Occupation: Manager/Bookeeper

Patient History


  • Chronic Pain

Additional Conditions

Anger/Patience Issues

Ethnic Background

  • White or Caucasian

Overall health, well-being and quality of life before medical cannabis

Before cannabis I was irritable on the best days and would frequently get in physical altercations. My overall outlook on life was bad and I was not in a good state of mind. In general I took life for granted.
Cannabis helped me to overcome my anger and patience problems and regain a positive state of mind.

I have also suffered a knee injury in which CBD has had a positive impact on my quality of life.

Overall health and well-being before being introduced to medical cannabis: 5

Overall quality of life before being introduced to medical cannabis: 9

Patient Process

Path to cannabis

I started using cannabis as many teenagers do, in high school.

When I started using cannabis I was unaware of the positive benefits of using cannabis and was amazed by how it impacted me positively.

Products Tried

The first time I tried cannabis I smoked it and continue to smoke it to this day. In the past 2 years I have started using caramel and gummy edible products as I can get them with a consistent and reliable dose of THC and CBD which is hard to get through smoking.

Patient Experience

How Cannabis has had an impact on patient's day to day life

Since I started using cannabis I have been much less irritable, even when not using cannabis. I have also been able to resume many of the sports I loved to do before I injured my knee as a result of the pain relief.

Under Doctor's Supervision?


Discontinued Medication

Not Applicable

Cannabis has changed the use of other controlled substances


Additional info about controlled substance use

In 2015 I quit smoking. I heavily believe that cannabis helped me achieve this.

Other lifestyle changes adopted along with medical Cannabis


Additional info about lifestyle changes

As mentioned earlier cannabis allowed me to make a major outlook change. This has allowed me to achieve many things I would have not otherwise been able to.

Overall health and well-being after being introduced to medical cannabis: 9

Overall quality of life after being introduced to medical cannabis: 9

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