Age: 14
Gender: Female
Location: Canada
Occupation: Outdoor labourer

Patient History


  • Depression
  • Eating Disorders
  • Other (please specify below)

Additional Conditions

Intense self harm

Ethnic Background

  • White or Caucasian

Overall health, well-being and quality of life before medical cannabis

I was a trainwreck of emotions and mental baggage, i hated everything, especially myself.

Overall quality of life before being introduced to medical cannabis: 1

Patient Process

Path to cannabis

Somebody who probably should not have introduced me so early got me started.

Products Tried

Only the plant for a long time.

Patient Experience

How Cannabis has had an impact on patient's day to day life

Im in much better moods, i havent harmed myself in almost 2 years, i eat everyday and i actually love myself.

Under Doctor's Supervision?

Prefer not to say

Cannabis has changed the use of other controlled substances


Additional info about controlled substance use

I used to drink alot because i didnt care i just hated everything, cannabis opened my eyes to the path i was going down and i turned around quick as hell.

Other lifestyle changes adopted along with medical Cannabis


Additional info about lifestyle changes

Ive began to do things i love to do, i avtually have motivation to go out and skateboard almost everyday.

Additional info about medical Cannabis experience

Honestly i think i started too young, but my life had never been worse due to my self hatred and carelessness about my heath.

Overall quality of life after being introduced to medical cannabis: 8

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