Life on Fire

Age: 17
Gender: Female
Location: Canada
Occupation: Student

Patient History


  • Chronic Pain
  • Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

Overall health, well-being and quality of life before medical cannabis

Because I suffer from a chronic pain condition that is thought to be the most painful condition known, it was very difficult for me to focus on much apart from my pain. The level of pain I was in made it very difficult to sleep, wear clothing, focus on school work or socialize like most kids my age do. I was very irritable and difficult for others to be around.

Additional info about this time in patient's life

I felt like there was a huge stigma around using medical cannabis and felt like I had to be secretive about using it. Knowing what I know now... I would have told myself to start using it sooner.

Overall quality of life before being introduced to medical cannabis: 5

Patient Process

Patient Experience

Additional info about lifestyle changes

Myofascia release

Additional info about medical Cannabis experience

I wish it was much easier to access CBD and that it was covered under healthcare plans.

Overall quality of life after being introduced to medical cannabis: 9

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