The Hodgkin’s Hill

Age: 39
Gender: Female
Location: Canada
Occupation: Entrepeneur

Patient History


  • Cancer
  • Chronic Pain
  • Depression

Ethnic Background

  • White or Caucasian

Overall health, well-being and quality of life before medical cannabis

Diagnosed with Hodgkin’s disease 2001 at age 20, I was suffering immensely. Between constant pain and constant nausea/vomiting, I was bed ridden. I could not care for or even play with my very young children.

Additional info about this time in patient's life

If I had not found medical marijuana I would very likely have chosen to prematurely end my life because it was unbearable. I didn't really know anything about Marijuana, I had never tried it.

Overall quality of life before being introduced to medical cannabis: 1

Patient Process

Path to cannabis

Medical marijuana was not legal in Canada in 2001.

My friend who was suffering from Chrone’s disease suggested I try marijuana to help with the nausea and appetite.

Products Tried

I was forced to buy marijuana on the black market. I went out of my way to find "B.C. God Bud" because it is a predominantly indica strain. Predominantly I smoked the dried plant. I tried baked goods but they were less effective. Marijuana vastly improved the nausea and gave me back an appetite. Marijuana made the pain bearable.

Patient Experience

How Cannabis has had an impact on patient's day to day life

I struggled with depression during my cancer treatment, marijuana also helped with the depression. I stopped using medical marijuana in 2003 after my cancer treatments finished. I celebrated complete remission in 2011.

Under Doctor's Supervision?

Prefer not to say

Additional doctor supervision information

Medical marijuana was not legal in 2001.

Discontinued Medication


Additional info about discontinued medication

I stopped using stemetil and zofran. Anti-nausea medications.

Cannabis has changed the use of other controlled substances


Other lifestyle changes adopted along with medical Cannabis


Overall quality of life after being introduced to medical cannabis: 8

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